Thursday, December 18, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Touch Up Old Photos

Do you have any old photos of your grandparents that needed to be fixed? Good! Here are some of the easy steps to get that done.

Step 1

Scan and import the old photo into the photoshop. Next go to Image> Adjustments> Hue/ Saturation and adjust the Saturation slider to 40 and click OK.

Step 2

After you done that, go to Image> Levels. Set the input levels to 0, 1.00, 236 and click OK.

Step 3

Make a new layer. Choose a suitable color and spray around the photo. This is to hide the dirt surface of the photo. Adjust the Fill opacity to 90%, so that you can actually still see the bottom layer of the photo.

Step 4

It is time to erase that color that you've just sprayed around the photo. Use the Eraser tool and erase the highlighted red area as shown above.

Step 5

Use the same step as above to remove the color on the props.

Step 6

Once you've done erasing all the overlapping color, its time to touch up the photo. Use the Smudge tool to smudge around that person's face to give it a smoother feel/ look. You can adjust the strength to 40%, so that it doesn't look like over smudged.

Step 7

Use the Stamp tool to hide teared/ pealed surface of the photo. Simply hold the "Alt" key and click on the area that you want to copy from, then brush the area that you want to hide. It's that easy! Do the same process all over the photo and you're done!

Step 8

If you think that the photo looks dull, no worries, you can add colors on it. Simply create new layers(set the layer style to "overlay") and start coloring on the photo.

Download the PSD sample here :

That's all folks! What do you think? :)


Gabriel Lai said...

This is a good tutorial.. Thanks Rames!

Bavani Ratnam said...

Eh this one is good! I've always wanted to do this. I know now it's not impossible hahaha..thanks man!

Kavi said...

this is, by far, THE BEST THING u've taught us! Nostalgic!

it's gonna be super handy!

Dariusz Ejkiewicz said...

Istead of using the eraser tool it would be better to just give that layer a mask, that way if we would go too far with the deletion of certain areas we could always go back.

Very nice tutorial and you do great work over her!

Maybe some tutorial about basic vectoring of photos in Photoshop ?

Jeffro said...

Hmmm.. this technique really eat a lot of time ei? *phewww..* manage to do one after a while.. =D

manja said...

may i know how to spray...i didn'n get it hiihihih..

adobe basics said...

very good now we have repair our old images.

Idiosyncratic. said...

thanks a lot! this was simply perfect!

bala said...

Dear Sir,
I am 70 ears old. I want to make a old photo of my grand son's photo to new. I tried various methods. I could not anything. Will you please help me solving this problem.