Sunday, April 12, 2009

Create your very own planet!

After a long break, Adobe Tutorials is now back!

Wanted to know how can you create your very own planet in 360 view? Check out this tutorial!

Step 1

Open up any panorama shot taken by you or from any stock photos and cropped it out the way I've done above.

Step 2

After cropped, it will look something like this.

Step 3

In order to have smooth continuous 360 view, both left and right of the photo should match. To do that, select few pixels of it (probably 70px width). Copy that part and paste it.

Step 4

Once you've pasted it, flip it horizontally.

Step 5

Using the eraser, erase some part of the pasted photo on the right side. See arrow. (so that the left part looks matching if we make it continuous)

Step 6

Now select both layers and merge it (Control - E)

Step 7

We're almost done! Go to Filter> Distort> Polar Coordinates and select "Rectangular to Polar"

Step 8

If you noticed, the photo looks stretched. You need to re size it by pressing "Control - T".

Step 9

Scale the photo to the left so that it'll look more roundish.

Step 10

As the final step, simply crop it out from the photo and you're DONE!

There you go! A very straight forward tutorial to create you're very own planet in 360 view! :D

Any comments appreciated! More cool tutorial coming your way!