Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Photo Manipulation 3

I got few emails and msn messages from some of my friends, who wants me to put up tutorials on "Incomplete Rames". Here you go guys. Spent sometimes finding back one of archive photoshop work to share with ya all. (one of my personal fav!) More here :


Download the photo here or you can even use your very own photo.

Step 1

Open the photo in any drawing software (you can use Photoshop, Flash or Illustrator) because we need to trace the outline of the leg. In this tutorial, I'm using flash (I use pencil tool to trace).

Step 2

Now open the photo in Photoshop and remove the faded part of the leg.

Step 3

Right after removing the leg, import the outline into Photoshop and place it on top of the photo.

Step 4

Make another copy of the photo, then go to Layer Style. Choose the Color Overlay option and select black color (#000000)

Step 5

Next, go to Edit> Transform> Distort. Distort the photo just like above using the edge points of the transform tool.

Step 6

Now go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur. Set the slider to 5.0 pixels and click OK

Step 7

Adjust the Opacity to 30%.

Step 8

Finally, you need to erase the highlighted part of the shadow so that it looks like as if its coming out of the surface!

That's all folks! Easy? Indeed! Now give it a try and post your link here for me and others to see ya! :)

Any comments appreciated!


KOKahKOK said...

hahah looks fun flash better than photoshop to trace the outline?

maike said...

this is great
i wanna try too

shr said...

hi im stuck at step 1 could you please explain how you did draw and extract the leg part ?

Jeffro said...

How do you trace with PS?

Anonymous said...

Lol. Tracing stage is the hardest part. No shortcut. You have to use pen tool.

adobe basics said...

very creative work nice.

Helen said...

thank you so much for the tutorial ;)

here it's my work

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So great. carefully focuses on the subject..Also looking forward for more posts about that.

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