Sunday, September 21, 2008

Adobe Flash & Photoshop Tutorials - Digital Painting

Do you like Digital Painting? Then this tutorial is for you. Even if you're not, you'll still enjoy learning it!

You need to have the following Adobe softwares
- Photoshop
- Flash (Any versions) but I'll be using Flash 8

Step 1

Open Adobe Flash then import any image source you like to trace. I'll be using sneakers as sample for this. Once you've imported in the sneakers, go to Modify> Convert to Symbol (F8).

Step 2

Once you've done with that, go to Properties bar. If you can't find the properties, go to Window> Properties> Properties.

Select "Alpha" on the Color drop down menu. By doing this, your tracing will be much easier.

Step 3

Next, make another layer (See above) right on top of the sneakers layer. You can now start tracing using the Pencil or Pen tool.

Step 4

There is few types of Strokes for you guys to choose from. I'll be using 3 types of strokes. The size of the Strokes is flexible, depends on your preference.

Step 5

Use the Text tool to type out the "All Star" text. Once you've done that, you need to "break it" by pressing "Ctrl B". Next, select the Free Transform tool and choose "Distort" to distort the text just like above.

Step 6

After you've completed tracing the whole sneakers, remove the Sneakers photo layer. Go to File>Export> Export Image. Choose "ai" type of file and save it.

Step 7

This will be the coloring stage. Open your Photoshop software and go to File> Open. Locate the "ai" file that you saved just now. A small window will popup. Choose "72" dpi resolution and click "OK"

Step 8

Rename the layers just like above.

Step 9

Start coloring the sneakers using the Brush tool. Make it messy kind of coloring style. Create different layers for different color parts of the sneakers. The top layer will always be the "outline". Choose any shapes of brush if you wanna have funky kind of shapes. It's all up to your creativity!

Note : You can do the coloring using Flash too but if you want different shapes of brushes and filters it's recommended to export the outline and use Photoshop for the coloring stage.

Download Source Files here

Photoshop file, Flash File & Sneaker's image source - Get it here!

Now, don't you just love digital painting? :)


wenzi said...

ALL STAR shoes!!! haha nice one

Wing Loon said...


KOKahKOK said...

ooo stupid.. i cant find "modify" where ah?

KOKahKOK said...

rames....sorry...i found dat...cos...u didnt mention which software to open...i open psd...haha....ok i got that...

KOKahKOK said...

rames....sorry...i found dat...cos...u didnt mention which software to open...i open psd...haha....ok i got that...

Rames said...

wenzi>> ahha thanks :)

wingloon>> thanks bro! Try ya!

kohahkok>> bro! my bad, I've edited it! thanks for letting me know.

myadlan said...

yea. you also should mention how long does it takes to finish this artwork..

three softwares isn't it? flash, illustrator and photoshop

Rames said...

How long? Erm that's very subjective coz I might find it easy to trace , been tracing all the time lol. Nope only Flash and photoshop required :).

mmuurrllyy said...

i been this tuts from the starts..
my 1st try:

ahlost said...

wow.. I've been following since first tut.. but then I haven't started doing any of those !! :(

Thanks for sharing Rames.. I always wanted to learn those :)

Rames said...

murali>> nice work!

Anonymous said...

THANKS 4 SHARING ..i like to learn it..

adobe basics said...

you have done the great job thanks.

pharmacy said...

This is fantastic, amazing tutorial, thanks a lot for the time.