Sunday, September 14, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Photo Manipulation

First of all, welcome to my newly launched Adobe Tutorials Blog. I hope you’ll have fun learning some of the amazing softwares from Adobe!

Now, let me start the “Photo Manipulation” tutorial by showing you guys step by step on how to get this done.

Step 1

Import all the images into Photoshop (any versions will do but I recommend CS versions) First, let’s edit the background image that you want to use for this image manipulation. In this tutorial, I use “Image 1” as the main background.
Next, go to Image> Adjustments> Levels

Here, use the “Eyedropper” to pick colors around the image and get the color tone (the vintage feel) you want on the image. Do also make sure you choose the “Set Gray Point” eyedropper tool before you the pick the colors.

Step 2

Once you’ve done with, cut out the girl’s photo (Image 2) by using “Polygonal Lasso” tool. Do practice a lot using this tool as you’ll need to use it most of the time.

Step 3

Copy the girl’s photo onto the Image 1’s document just like the image above.

Step 4

You might need to adjust the color tone of the girl to match the background image. To do this, go to Image>Adjustments > Color Balance. Play around with the color by moving the color slider (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow). Make sure you’ve ticked the “Preserve Luminosity” and choose the “Highlights” tone balance.

Step 5

We are now done with the 2 images. Let’s add Image 3 onto the Image 1 document. I need to use this image because of the clouds (Image 1’s clouds is not that much compared to this image). Positioned the photo on slightly to the top, so that the clouds position is the same as Image 1. Right after that, erase the bottom part of the clouds by using the “Eraser tool” because we don’t need the grass anymore. You can choose different size of the eraser by selecting it from the top menu (the part you see Brush, Mode, Opacity and Flow) . Once you’ve done erasing the grass, go to Image> Adjustments> Levels to adjust the clouds to look vintage as well so that it blends with the rest of the images.

Step 6

Now, your document will look something like this (See above). Do label the layers for your future reference.

Step 7

Copy the last Image onto the document and resize it using the Edit> Transform> Scale tool (Ctrl T). After that, use the Polygonal Lasso tool to cut the background of the image.

Step 8

Once you’ve done cutting out the background, use the “Eraser” tool to make the image blend with the grass at the background. How to do this? You need to adjust the eraser’s shape first. Click on top left’s brush menu and select the “Rough Round Bristle” (the name appears when once you rollover on any of the brushes)

Step 9

Slowly erase the Image and you can see as if the Buddha image is positioned on top of the grass.

Step 10

We’ve almost there. Create a new layer by pressing the “New layer document” icon so that we can make the final work which is the “Sun ray”.

Step 11

Use the “Polygonal Lasso” tool to create the “Sun Ray” shape. Then, filled it with white color using the “Paint Bucket” tool.

Step 12

Select the layer and adjust the “Fill” to 18% so that the Sun Ray looks transparent.

Step 13

Go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur. Set the bar to point to 3.6 pixels blur and click “OK

Step 14

Erase the bottom and top part of the Sun Ray, so that it looks blend with the Buddha statue.

We’re now done! Here’s the outcome of the photo manipulation process!

PS: FYI, I've edited the final result using
Image>Adjustments > Color Balance.

Do leave your comments and critiques on what do you think of this tutorial, so that I can improve in preparing the future upcoming tutorials. Thank you.


abi said...

First of all Congrats on the new blog! Well done :)

Been waiting to learn a thing or two from the experts!


puvanan said...

Beautiful initiative bro.. Keep it going and hope all of us here could learn more and more from you!

Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks with us :) Waiting for more fun and knowledge ahead..

abi said...

Why no feeds? :(

Rames said...

Abi>> thanks! Feeds added!! thanks for reminding me ya!

puvanan>> no problem! Happy learning man!

bmahendran said...

dude..congrats. man this blog is cool. hope to learn more !!!

Faizal said...

this is marvellous! hope to learn more from this blog :)

weeKIMhock~黄金福 said...

gratZ on the launch!!!

can't wait to learn from u!!!

Patrick said...

Cool tutorial! Learnt some trips while reading it. As usual, I love your manipulation artworks! They're awesome!

Patrick said...

Cool tutorial! Learnt some trips while reading it. As usual, I love your manipulation artworks! They're awesome!

donnyang said...

hey... love your new blog launch...

xinying said...

grats on the new blog launching... did learnt alot while reading and looking forward for more... nice job~ =)

chingy said...

Grats! Will be looking forward! ;D

Louis said...

Great effort. Keep it coming bro!

a n n n a said...

thanks for the tuts. this is going to be one of my fav blog. Teehee.. hope to see more soon!!

tojad said...

Rames, keep working! Thank you for all infos about textures, fonts etc - very nice :) Very well done first tutorial, thank you for sharing with us your knowledge. Take care, greetings from cold Poland.

Sahitya said...

Congrats! on the new blog's great!
and thanks a lot! very helpful..

ghw said...

Very well done Rames. It's your little advertorial message on your MSN nick that caught my attention to pay a visit. Been refreshing your blog the whole day to get the link. Haha.

Oh ya.. would love it if you could produce another tutorial in the future to explain things on the more technical side such as using the Levels adjustment and the various options in that dialogue box.

azzrizal said...

congratulations for the tutblog! :)

can comment ar?
if so..
the tutorial are goood. nice to learn things.
but, maybe it was lil bit advance for non-photoshop users or a newbie to follow stuff i think.
haha. no, u hv quite plenty of readers from your blog, im sure plenty of them pandai to photoshop, but yg tak pandai tu.. huhu. maybe you can show them how to like, get rid of the background ke, i know its kinda hard for new learner to mask out the unwanted background. tak pun, how if provide link ke on how to this or that. hehe. and, think pro like you can use poly-lasso tool to cut them, can cut silky smooth. :) but beginner better off using the pen tool. huhu. blay undo if they screw up unlike the lasso. :)

and its nice if, u use the rollover image for the starting image preview.
(uve used it alot at your blog rite?)

anyways, nice2! love it.
comment je tau. not condemn. huhu.

cant wait for more!

azzrizal said...

btw, the header reeaaal nice!
yg bulat kat atas tu mighty mouse ke? haha

mmuurrllyy said...

wow..launched la..damn nice..
awesome header

e s t a n c u s said...

Huwaaah!! happening beb!

*take hat off* XD

-rubin- said...

rames! simple tutorial, man. easy to understand. good job and congrats for the first post! yea! thanks, man!

adrian said...

congrat on your blog launching.
useful tutorial.
keep it up....

Nigelais said...

Canggihnya! Me likes!

Good stuff you have there. Will be back for more.

Keep it up!


Rames said...

Thank you so much guys! More cool tutorials coming your way! :)

Now to answer some of your questions :)

ghw>> sure! There is a lots of tips for your guys!

azzrizal>> Oh really? ahhaa ok sure. I dowan to go post alot of beginners post coz I assume of you guys already familiar with that but no worries, will post some other ways to cut out image :)


Wing Loon said...

Congrats on this new blog. Will be a frequent visitor here. Thanks, :)

Jeevan said...

Congrats Rames. Well done. I think you should provide the download link for the images used as well for someone to try.:)

Joshua said...

Congraz on ur new blog launching! Can learn more bout PS and what it can do. =)

Keep it up man! =)

KOKahKOK said...

rames.....congrat! Ya...can learn more rite now!

Chong Yong said...

Hey bro,congrats on ur new blog's launching.Finally I can learn from the pro. :)

Yenfern said...

Great!!! Great!!! Great!!! Feel like don wanna work now n balik rumah to try it immediately!! Hehe...

Satkuru said...

wow, this is awesome ! love your new blog and i really can't wait for more tips :D

Ann Ashvin said...

Bro congrats with ur new adobe tutorial....rely luv it the way u done...1st ttrial is superb....

ahlost said...

Wow.. I've always wanted to learn sth bout adobe !! Thanks so much for sharing though some said "We shouldn't do sth that we're good at for free".. Now I can proof them wrong :D

teddytales said...

OMG .. such a helpful post..

keep it on.. nice one!

Marisa said...

This is brilliant!! =)

trixinc said...

Congratulations and may all be enlightened to your supremacy :)

Great work Rames. Keep it coming.

bryanlyt said...

wow! nice tutorial done! i tried doing it but still not so nice.... need alot of practice i guess? 0.o

looking forward for the blog header tutorial! (=

wenzi said...

cool tutorial rames haha.

btw may i ask..

why dun u add the short cut key command as well after u tell the step by step by clicking?

poly tool and pen tool.. which one is easier to use?

Rames said...

Thanks all for your kind feedback.

Jeeva>> Will do :)
Wenzi>> You can also use Pen tool :). In fact any selection tool you are comfortable with :). About the shortcuts, I'll add that in future. Thanks man for the feedback.

Alice Teh said...

Congratulations on the launch, Rames! Great job! I've subscribed to the RSS feed. :)

hisheroisgone said...

rames,which one would be better?to cut the image using pen tool or by masking it?:)

nath said...

Congratulation on your new tutorial blog man! I've learnt alot from one tutorial. Can't wait for more! Btw, you're using photoshop version? I'm using Cs3, should be slightly different.

Stanley said...

COngrats on the new blog. Very detailed explanations. Will definitely try it out!

vickn3s said...

man, im gonna be very much benefitted from this blog...

workfordinner said...

You've made it sound so easy!

Please don't stop making the tutorials. I promise I won't steal your job.

Rames said...

alice>> thanks :)
hisheroisgone>> any one will do. Choose the one ur comfortable with.
nath>> thanks. Im using CS.
stanley>> thanks :)
viknes>> good :D
workfordinner>> ahah ok :) tq

adobe basics said...

this is the work i loved that kind of tutorials.

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