Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Typography Decoration

Typography Decoration is a trend nowadays. I'm sure you guys have seen it in most of the design sites.Here are some of the easy steps to get this done.

Step 1
Create a new document in Photoshop, File> New. Set the width to 900 pixels and the height to 400 pixels. Use the Type tool and type "adobe" in the middle of the document. Once you've done that, select the "Brush tool" and locate the flourishes/ Ornament brushes (These brushes available for download. See at the bottom of this page) before we can proceed to step 2.

Step 2
Create a new layer above the "adobe" layer before you paint. After that, select any one of the ornament brushes and place the brush to align with the letter "a". It's recommended to create new layers for each letter for easy placement and moving around the shapes.

Step 3
If you want to change the ornament's position, Go to Edit> Free Transform and rotate it. Don't worry if you messed up the positioning when placing in on each layers because we can adjusted it later by erasing parts of the ornaments using "Eraser tool". See Step 4.

Step 4
Clean up the ornaments with the use of "Eraser tool". Make sure you've changed the Eraser's brush before you start erasing.

Step 5
Once you've done placing all the ornaments on the each letter of "adobe", you need to merge all the layers (except for the "bg"). How to do this? Press "Shift" and click on each layers. Next, go to Layer> Merge Layers.

Step 6
Your layer should look something like this. Change the layer name to "adobe" and press on the "f" icon below the layer (As shown above)

Step 7
The Layer Style window will pop up. Choose the "Gradient Overlay" menu and click on the "Gradient" bar.

Step 8
Make 3 colors (or any colors you like) by just playing with the gradient type (see above). Once done, click "OK". Select any other layer style you want and then click "OK" again.

Step 9
The "adobe" word is now done with cool ornaments around it. If you want to add more extra effect to it, use the "Blur Tool" to give a depth of field feel.

Download Source Files here

Ornaments Brushes - Get it here
PSD File - Get it here

There you go! Very simple steps to make "Typography Decoration". Do you like it?


Clara said...

thx for the tutorial.. hehe :)

a n n n a said...

hey that's pretty cool! I always thought it can only be done using Illustrator.

Rames said...

clara>> np :)

annna>> can be done in photoshop too! :_

tulipspeaks said...

ammu likes this one..

*wink wink

wenzi said...

nice TYPO!! hahah

ibo said...

Thanks :-)

Meng PAUL said...

Thanks Rames. I got a question, i oledi downloaded the brushes but these don't appear in the brush tool. Do i need to do some setting?

Charlotte said...

Really cool tutorial (:

Rames said...

meng>> u downloaded it to where? is the extension .abr? or zip? u need to unzip it first. Then click on the small arrow to locate the brush.

Meng PAUL said...

Thanks Rames, i done with it. Keep it up and blog more tutorials. :)

coolku said...

Hi,rames. can i know whr should i paste the ext. abr i download? is it at preset > brushes folder? thx..

Skracanie linków said...

Very nice, but can you provide psd file with editable text layer?

e s t a n c u s said...

HOMG.. you so the Dewa lar man!! lol good one! :-D

a l y a a said...

thx,thx,thx for the tutorial. will be waiting more :D

adobe basics said...

great typography.

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Lawrence Spring said...

It's very amazing how a simple block of letters can be totally transformed into a marvelous piece of typography! Just add a few curls and colors here and there, vectorize this and shape that, put some tones into the background, and you'll get a nice image. It's like playing around until you come up with something surprising, huh.