Sunday, October 5, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Photo Manipulation 2

Hello everyone,

Here's the another Photo Manipulation tutorial work. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to apply photoshop actions to your artwork. I've made the steps as easy as possible, so do try it out!

Before we start, please download these stock photos below.

Model -
Fox -
Waterfall -
Bird -
Tree -

Photoshop Action - 43 by night-fate.atn

Step 1

First, open the the Waterfall photo in Photoshop. Then go to Image> Image Size. Set the width to 700 and the height to 933 (This is flexible, you can set to any width and height you prefer). Click "OK".

Step 2

We need to adjust the color's hue and saturation. To do this, go to Image> Adjustments> Hue/Saturation. A small window will popup. Set the Saturation bar to -38 and click "OK"

Step 3

Open the Model photo and cut it out using the cutting tool you prefer, Polygonal Lasso or Pen tool.

Step 4

Place it on to the Waterfall file and resize it using the transform tool (Ctrl-T) just like above.

Step 5

Adjust the color of the Model just like what we've done for the Waterfall photo. Go to Image> Adjustments> Hue/Saturation, set the Saturation to -38 and clikc "OK"

Step 6

We need to make the Model photo to have the "softer" look. To do this, go to Filter> Noise> Reduce Noise. On the small popup window, set the "Strength" to 5 and the Preserve Details bar to 7, then click "OK"

Step 7

Open the Bird photo and cut it out using the cutting tools.

Step 8

Place the bird on the Model's lap (just like above). Resize it using the transform tool (Ctrl-T).

Step 9

Adjust the color of the bird. Go to Image> Adjustments> Brightness & Contrast. Set the Brightness and Contrast bar's to -18.

Step 10

To gave it more realistic feel, you need to make a shadow beneath the bird. Create a new layer below the bird's layer. Use the Paint tool with small brush size, probably with the size "40" and make a small shadow (just like above)

Step 11

Next, open the Fox's photo and cut it out before we can place it onto the other file.

Step 12

Resize it (Ctrl-T) and place it at the corner of the photo.

Step 13

Adjust the colors of the Fox. Go to Image> Adjustments> Brightness & Contrast. Set the Brightness to -23 and Contrast bar's to -9.

Step 14

Create another layer below it for the shadow effect, just like what we've done in Step 10.

Step 15

Open the Tree photo and cut just a part of it (see above) using the "Rectangular Marquee Tool".

Step 16

Place it at the corner of the file. Next, use the "Eraser Tool" to erase circled part above. Once you done that, Select all the layers (Ctrl-A), go to Edit> Copy Merged. Next, go to File> New. Dont change any setting on the width and height and click "OK". Paste (Ctrl-V) the file you've just copied just now. You'll see all the photos(waterfall, model, fox, bird and tree) are now merged into 1 file.

Step 17

We're almost done! Here's the Magic part! We gonna change the color of the whole photo. Make sure you've downloaded the "Photoshop Action" file from the link above
Go to Window> Action (Alt-F9) . A small window will popup. Click on the small arrow and select "Load Actions". Then locate the action file you've downloaded.

Step 18

Once you done that, click on the "Set 43 by night-fate" folder. Below it, you'll see numbers 1-14. Those are different types of action to process your photos. For this tutorial, you need to select "3" and press on the "play" arrow below it.

Step 19

Here's the outcome after you've clicked on the play button!

Isn't that easy?

Do let me know if you've comments and question. Enjoy Photoshopping people!

Thank you!


Sivanis said...

yea...its very easy..ur tutorial really helped me alot in improving my photoshop :P

Thanks Alot

b said...

spanks eu so mani mani fer the action ramen ! XD

Rames said...

Sivanis>> good to hear that :)

herbert>> ahaha welecamo.

a n n n a said...

it's easy when u showed how it is done. wee.. thanks..

i owes got prob when cropping out the objects. need lotsa practice in that hor..

Clara said...

Wow! luv all of ur manipulation! wkwkwk :)

EVo said...

Ey dude.1st thing i noticed is d pic of ur's left handed one ah?? wuah!hi-tech!

Pappu said...

Hi the actions are grate thx it's really save lot of time from adding too many effects.

pappu said...

hi i wana to add some of your flicker image in my blog..

i had already added some i hope it's not an issue you will also enjoy too.. if you not like to add to my blog i can remove it..

it's just for a fun collection not for commercial use.

zay said... is awesome..!!this tutorial i want to learn..u can b my tutor...

Rames said...

anna>> yup! :) np
evo>> lol!
pappu>> np :)
zay>> ahha , enjoy the tuts!

€gG-gÿ @小蛋 said...

wOw!! nice!! learned something....^^ thx~

adobe basics said...

photo manipulation is not easy but you teach us very well.

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Micky said...

Absolutely amazing what can be done with a few mouse clicks if you know the settings and what the program can do - it looks easy but I'm sure it takes a bit of practice before you can produce such quality images.